Solar Installation Project

2.24 megawatts of solar power were installed from 8 photovoltaic systems at 7 school sites and at the District Administration office, producing 3.246 million kilowatt-hours of electricity during the first year. The Project will deliver around  $22.6 million in energy cost savings and $5 million in performance-based incentive rebates to BPUSD over the next 25 years.

This project utilizes innovative parking lot and play area shade structures, mitigating urban heat islanding effect & incorporating nighttime security lighting, and are  retrofit-engineered for future electric vehicle charging stations.

Project funding is through the Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCBs), part of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, which authorizes special low-interest bonds for school infrastructure improvements via federal tax credits for bondholders in lieu of interest, thus significantly reducing the District’s cost of borrowing

Project Cost : $15 Million

Completion Date: 3rd Quarter 2012

Services Provided:

Modified Multi-Prime Construction Management

Third-Party Labor Compliance Program Administration